Best filters for removing fluoride from water

Best Water Filters for Removing Fluoride

Adding fluoride to water is known as water fluoridation and has been advertised to prevent tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems in all age groups. Nevertheless, fluoride is highly toxic even when ingested in small amounts. Once it’s added to a water supply system, it will be impossible to determine the amount you or your family are consuming.

If you’re looking for a potent way to get rid of fluoride in your household water, then you’ve come to the right place. You can’t prevent the government from adding fluoride to water, but you can make sure that you’re not consuming or using it.

Reviews of the Best Fluoride Water Filters

It’s your responsibility to provide your family with healthy options. With the help of the right products, your job becomes a lot easier.

There are several filtration systems available on the market. However, not all of them can remove fluoride. This is why we prepared a list of some of the best-selling filters that are specifically designed to get rid of fluoride.

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1. Home Master TMAFC-ERP

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Reverse osmosis is the best way to remove fluoride from drinking water. This is a pricey product but it will remove almost 99% of the contaminants found in your household water including chloramine. This is a stubborn chemical that most filtration systems are unable to get rid of.

While other systems might not do the job, this Home Master filter will remove heavy metals even if you’re using well water. It will remove up to 97% of the fluoride in drinking water, making it safe for the whole family.

The filtration system comes with a pump that increases the production of pure water by 50% and reduces waste by 80%. The pump prevents the degradation of the tank due to the accumulation of slightly acidic water after the filtration process.

Several minerals like calcium and magnesium are added to the water to improve its taste and make it healthier to use. Unlike other models where the canisters aren’t changed, there’s no room for microorganisms and sediments to accumulate because the filter is incorporated into the housing. The whole unit is changed after it has produced about 2000 gallons of pure water.

Although this unit is designed to be installed by homeowners, the instructions aren’t that easy. The pump version is a bit noisy, but there’s another model without one.


  • Reverse osmosis system that removes all stubborn contaminants including chloramine and fluoride.
  • Comes with a pump that reduces water waste and increases the production of pure water.
  • Adds minerals to the water to make it healthier and tastier.
  • Changing the filter is easy.


  • Expensive model that takes time to install.
  • The pump is a bit noisy.

2. iSpring RCC7AK

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This is the best under sink fluoride water filter with reverse osmosis technology. It’s a potent 6-stage filtration system that features an extra step which neutralizes the pH level of drinking water, unlike other systems that will leave your water more acidic.

It’s designed to deliver 75 gallons of pure water every day so it will cover the needs of most medium and big-sized households. It’s quite easy to install and doesn’t waste much water. While most reverse osmosis systems use around 4 gallons of water to produce a single gallon of pure water, this iSpring filter will use only three, making it good value for money.

This system removes up to 98% of 1000 contaminants including fluoride, lead, arsenic, bacteria, and viruses. The produced water is slightly more alkaline and tastes better than the water you receive from other systems. It even works with well water.

Changing the filter is easy as it comes in a clear housing that you can inspect any time you like. However, this unit is likely to leak with regular use.


  • 6-stage filtration system.
  • Neutralizes the pH level of water.
  • Removes fluoride and other contaminants with little water waste.
  • See-through housing and easy filter changes.


  • The unit is likely to leak after prolonged use.

3. APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series

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If you have a big household, then we recommend this APEC reverse osmosis system. It’s designed to produce up to 90 gallons of pure water thanks to its highly efficient filters that filter up to 1000 contaminants, so it can work with heavily contaminated well water.

This five-stage filtration unit is very easy to install and can go up to a year on a single filter, although you might need to change yours twice, especially if the water is highly contaminated. It will remove up to 99% of arsenic, lead, barium, cadmium, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Moreover, it will remove dust particles, rust, and other TDS thanks to the large carbon blocks that maximize the contact time with water for removing all impurities.

Because it’s made to guarantee the health of your family, it comes with a lead-free faucet and fittings. They are sealed to prevent leaking. However, you might experience an issue with water pressure after prolonged use.

This is a robust filtration system with versatile options so you can install it under the sink, over the counter or connected to your ice maker with proper connections. Nevertheless, it’s a big unit with bigger than usual carbon blocks so you should take this into consideration.


  • Robust 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration system.
  • Suitable for a busy household with more than average water consumption.
  • Removes up to 99% of 1000 contaminants including fluoride.
  • Easy installation with lead-free fittings.


  • Low water pressure after prolonged use.

4. Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

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The Big Berkey filtration system comes with cleanable filters. It depends on the force of gravity to maintain satisfactory water flow even if the water is highly contaminated or you’re using well water. However, this system is rather big so it might not be the best choice if you have limited space.

You can clean the filters to extend their lives. It holds up to 2.25 gallons of pure water, making it a suitable choice for a small household.

It features two types of filters; the Black Berkey and fluoride filters. The Black Berkey filters remove up to 99.9% of a long list of contaminants and impurities including heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, pesticides, and petroleum contaminants.

This versatile unit gives you the ability to add more filters depending on the condition of your water source. The fluoride filters remove up to 99.9% of the fluoride content in your drinking water, although the filters have to be replaced after delivering 1000 gallons of pure water.

If you’re on a tight budget, this system might be too expensive for you. The filters need to be replaced after delivering 6000 gallons of pure water and should be dried if left unused for a long time to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.


  • Gravity-fed filtration system with decent water flow.
  • Filters a long list of impurities and contaminants.
  • Cleanable filters.


  • Regular cleaning is required.
  • Takes up space.

5. Woder 10K-FRM-DC Fluoride Filter

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Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the Woder doesn’t cause any water waste. It’s compact and easy to install but it will remove 95% of the fluoride added to your water, in addition to other contaminants that can affect the health of your family.

It comes with two filter cartridges that look pretty basic, but they’re very potent at removing 99.9% of the contaminants that can be found in drinking water. However, all the healthy minerals will remain present thanks to the selective filtration technology.

Users can install this filter easily as it comes with simple instructions and durable brass fittings. It arrives fully assembled and requires no additional plumbing. It won’t work if you’re using well water.

You can enjoy up to 5000 gallons of pure water before you need to replace the filters. The water flow is a bit slow, so if you’re living in a big household with high water consumption, this might not be the best one for you.


  • Fast installation.
  • Selective filtration technology to remove the impurities while keeping all the healthy minerals.
  • Delivers up to 5000 gallons of pure water before the filters need a change.


  • Water flow is a bit slow.
  • Won’t work with heavily contaminated water.

6. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

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If you’re on a tight budget, then this might be the best fluoride water filter pitcher to consider. It’s made of 100% recyclable and FDA approved materials so it’s safe to use. This is an excellent choice for people who need cheap access to clean water.

This pitcher is a 5-stage filtration system that removes 2000% more contaminants than other regular pitchers. It removes fluoride, in addition to lead, chloramines, chromium, mercury, chlorine, and VOCs. At the same time, it traces healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium, keeping them in your drinking water to make it healthier and tastier.

The Aquagear pitcher is portable and doesn’t require any installation. It features triple capacity filters that provide up to 150 gallons of pure water before the need for a change. This won’t work with heavily contaminated water.

The system removes up to 97% of heavy metals and chlorine, but it will remove up to 90% of fluoride. The filtration process takes time, so it’s not a suitable option for a household with above than average use. The reservoir holds 8 cups of water so it should be filled regularly.


  • Affordable water pitcher.
  • Removes contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, and VOCs.
  • Long-lasting filters that deliver 150 gallons of pure water.


  • Not suitable for heavily contaminated water.
  • Filtration process takes time.

Why Is There Fluoride in My Water?

Fluoride is naturally occurring in water, soil, and food. Your water might contain a large percentage of fluoride depending on the water source. Some rocks have a higher content of fluoride which will eventually find its way to your water supply. You’ll also have a higher percentage of fluoride if you’re using well water.

In some cases, fluoride is artificially added to the water supply systems to improve dental health in adults and kids. The only way to verify this information is to ask.

How Does Fluoride Affect Our Health?

Toothpaste, mouthwashes, and other dental hygiene products contain fluoride, but they aren’t designed to be ingested. Here are some of the harmful effects of fluoride.

  • Using too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis. These white streaks that appear on the teeth don’t represent a real health concern, but they look unpleasant.
  • Skeletal fluorosis is a more severe version. The excess fluoride accumulates in the bones making them harder to move and easier to break.
  • Consuming a large amount of fluoride has been associated with cognitive problems. Children are likely to face some developmental issues that affect their learning and social interaction skills.
  • Fluoride can cause hyperparathyroidism. This is a hormonal imbalance triggered by the thyroid gland which will eventually destroy the calcium in the bones, making them weaker.
  • When consumed in very large amounts, fluoride poisoning might cause vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain. However, poisoning is unlikely to happen unless the water source is contaminated.

How to Buy the Best Fluoride Water Filter?

There are lots of options on the market, and this makes your job a lot more difficult when you’re shopping for a practical fluoride filtration system. Here are a few things to consider.

Type of Filter

Water filters come in different shapes and types. Reverse osmosis is one of the best methods to filter drinking water while removing most impurities and contaminants, including fluoride. However, reverse osmosis systems are characterized by the high waste of water and the filters are usually expensive. Moreover, most of them remove all the minerals so they might change the taste of water.

Multi-stage filtration systems remove all types of impurities and add several useful minerals to your water in a single unit. The water tastes better, especially when the number of filters increases. Some units are harder to install and the water flow might start to get weaker, especially when the water is full of impurities.

Gravity-fed filters can be used with highly contaminated water. The flow rate is controlled by gravity; however, installing a unit will take much space. Moreover, the unit should be filled regularly.

A pitcher is the most budget-friendly option. You just have to fill it and drink filtered water. Pitchers require zero installation and are portable. However, they will hold a limited amount of water.

Filtration Efficiency

While most filtration systems claim to remove several types of impurities, you should be looking for a system that is specifically designed to remove fluoride. Make sure that it can get rid of the biggest amount of fluoride present in your water. Fluoride is highly toxic, even when ingested in small amounts.

Filters Change

The more contaminated your water is, the more you’ll need to change the filters. Pick a system that you can easily inspect to install a filter on your own. Some filters are more expensive because they last longer. Others can be cleaned regularly to prolong their use.

Keep an eye on the condition of the filter and read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Remember that the recommended usage period is just a guideline. You might need to change your filters more often if the water source is highly contaminated.

Water Capacity

If you’re living on your own, you might not want to invest in an expensive filtration system that delivers more than 2 or 3 gallons of pure water per day. Bigger households need faster and more reliable access to pure water.

On the other hand, a pitcher or a small gravity-fed system will be a pain to use if you live with a big family. These are designed to hold and deliver a limited amount of pure water per day, so won’t be practical to use.

Wrap Up

Fluoride is a harmful chemical that shouldn’t be ingested by adults or children. However, a potent fluoride filtration system will guarantee that you and your family will always have access to clean water.

If you’re looking for a practical and effective fluoride water filter, then we recommend the APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series. It delivers pure water with little waste and is quite easy to install.

This unit is very well made with lead-free fittings and decent water flow. It’s the perfect size for a medium-sized household to guarantee the safety of your family.

Brushing and flossing our teeth regularly is enough to keep them in good shape. Removing the excess fluoride will positively affect the health of your family in the short and long run. Moreover, these filtration systems also remove other impurities, providing fast access to pure and healthy water every single day.


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