What Do Brita Filters Remove?

What do Brita filters remove

Every one of us wants clean drinking water that tastes great and is free from harmful substances. While expensive water purifiers are an option, most of us are inclined to turn to cost-friendly Brita filters. Available in a few different formats, most Brita filters use a coconut-based activated carbon filter to remove harsh metals, chemicals, … Read more

Water Conditioner vs Water Softener – Which One Works Better?

water conditioner vs water softener

The purpose of water conditioning is to address three areas concerning contamination or damage to your home’s water supply: Limescale buildup Bacteria and mold growth Algae growth These three problems present a serious concern to your drinking and potable water supply. Limescale buildup on pipes leads to blockages and damage to water heaters. Bacteria and … Read more

The 5 Best Water Ionizers – (Top Picks for 2020)

Best Alkaline Water Ionizers

The human body is designed with self-healing mechanisms, but these defenses are weakened by toxins. The good news is that they’re also strengthened by proper hydration and clean living. Antioxidants have proven regenerative effects which alleviate illness and promote good health. That’s why alkaline ionized water has gained massive popularity in recent years. Using a … Read more

Best Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems 2020

best reverse osmosis filters

Water is everywhere. It’s the essence of our very existence. But just how safe is it? The average American takes in around 4 cups of water a day, not including other liquids. The question is, are you absolutely confident it’s as clean as it should be? From dirt, dust, and unpleasant tastes, all the way … Read more

6 Best Filtered Water Bottles of 2020

Best filtered water bottles

If you’re reading this I’d think that you have a soft spot for traveling to places where clean sources of water might be scarce. Whatever your reasons might be, it isn’t too bad to think about healthy and clean ways to consume H2O, aka water. Without healthy water, you’re more prone to headaches and dehydration … Read more