Best Alkaline Water Ionizers

Best Water Ionizers – 5 Top Picks

The human body is designed with self-healing mechanisms, but these defenses are weakened by toxins.

The good news is that they’re also strengthened by proper hydration and clean living.

Antioxidants have proven regenerative effects which alleviate illness and promote good health. That’s why alkaline ionized water has gained massive popularity in recent years.

Using a water ionizer supplies your daily requirements of alkaline water. In this article, we’ll review our favorite picks and dig a little deeper to help you choose the best water ionizer.

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Our Top Picks

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Investing in a good water ionizer requires some knowledge about the devices currently in the market and even more understanding of the technicalities of these machines.

In the coming sections, we’ll go through the features of our favorite water ionizers.

1. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

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The Aqua Deluxe 7.0 is a premium quality water ionizer which is RoHS certified and ETL listed. Its factories do their testing according to the ISO 9000:9001 protocols and its plastic parts are FDA approved.

It has 7 different levels of pH from 4 to 11, with a -800 to +1000 ORP, which covers your hydration needs, produces antioxidant-filled alkaline water, and acidic water for sanitation purposes.

The Deluxe is stylish and compact. Its size is approximately 5.2”x4.3”x13” so it can fit nicely on your counter.

Installing this unit is straightforward. It comes with all the necessary diagrams, instructions, and an owner’s manual. You hook it up to a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, and moments later it’s all set and ready to produce ionized pure water.

There’s a carbon filter in the initial stage of water purification, which eliminates many pollutants from the water. It’s rugged and capable of cleaning 4000 liters before needing to be changed.


  • 6 ionized and 1 non-ionized purified healthy water options for daily needs
  • Advanced electroplate technology with self-cleaning
  • 7 titanium plates coated with platinum for high efficiency and extra durability
  • A clear and informative backlit LCD display
  • 5-year warranty


  • Too complex for some users
  • A bit on the expensive side

2. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0

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This compact water ionizer is another member of the Aqua ionizer pro-family. This company is known for its stringent compliance with good quality systems and their units translate that into reliability and efficiency.

The Aqua Deluxe has 7 water settings from pH5 to pH11. It has an antioxidant potential from -600 to +600 ORP. It also incorporates an active carbon filter capable of purifying about 4000 liters, which is roughly a year before you need to replace it.

You can easily connect it to a kitchen regular faucet and place it on a counter. It wouldn’t take much space as it measures only 5”x8”x13”. Installing the Aqua Deluxe is no hassle at all, just read the manual and your system would start producing healthful water right away.

It has an advanced system of plates with a technology that renders them highly effective in ionizing tap water, and they’re long-lasting thanks to the platinum coating on the titanium plates.


  • Control panel is easy to use and anyone can operate the ionizer
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Low power consumption as it uses up only 150 watts


  • Doesn’t work with well water
  • Operates on 110 volts only

3. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer

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This is a rugged countertop water ionizer that delivers your daily needs of purified alkaline or acidic water with a touch of class.

It’s a streamlined device, with a generous display of everything that goes on in the ionizer, those related to the produced water like pH and ORP, and the necessary device indicators such as filter life and electrolysis settings.

The range of ionization settings exceeds the usual six or seven degrees of ionization to a full eight, starting at pH2 and going all the way to pH12. This gives you more choices and possible uses for the electrolyzed water.

This unit is a breeze to install, and it connects to any regular faucet, or under the sink water line, as long as it sits on the counter. The output water can only be collected this way, and putting the device under the sink would keep you from changing the settings or reading out the displayed parameters.

The ORP also varies widely from +600 to -800, thus changing the properties of the treated water to suit your daily needs.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Ultra-rich with antioxidants
  • 8 settings for water pH level
  • Dual filtration system
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Needs a constant water pressure of min 20 psi
  • A bit on the expensive side

4. Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Water Ionizer

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This unit employs a different method for water ionization than the usual electrolysis in the other devices. It incorporates the same principle of increasing certain minerals to increase the alkalinity of the water but does that through replenishing the mineral from one of the built-in filters.

This all-natural ionizer produces water with a pH of 9 to 9.5, and an ORP of -450 which is clearly limited, but it could be sufficient if that’s the setting you prefer. It’s actually the favorite level of alkalinity for many users.

The blue LED bar indicator of normal operation and the red LED bar reminder of filter change, has a space-age vibe that lives up to the name of the model: the Next Generation. If you’re into Hi-Tech stuff, this ionizer is definitely for you.

This product and its technology are relatively recent additions to the water ionizers market, but they’ve already achieved an impressive sales record, and their customers are quite content with their new devices.

It measures 11”x5.5”x12.5” so it’s easy to handle and place in any convenient place. Its design is elegant and it’ll always look great wherever you place it.


  • A natural process for water ionization and hydrogenation
  • Much less power consumption
  • Infrared sensor for operation minimizes hand contact and contamination
  • Sleek design that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen
  • Thorough filtration that gets rid of a broad range of pollutants
  • Can be placed over the counter, under the sink, or attached directly to the fridge


  • Limited range of ionization and ORP
  • No acidic water production

5. Webetop Water Ionizer

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This ionizer is heavy-duty, it has multiple options, and it’s sturdy. It offers an ionization array from pH 2.8 to pH 11, with an ORP level from +500 to -800

It has an electrolysis setup that is more sophisticated than its fellow ionizers. The Webetop water ionizer has 11 platinum-coated titanium plates which are more than the usual 7 plate system we often see.

It also has an imported ionic membrane which increases both the efficiency and longevity of the device.

It has an internal active carbon filter which removes odd taste, bad odor, organic substances, chlorine, and similar pollutants. The device’s output ranges from 3000 to 12000 liters depending on the quality of your tap water. It generally lasts about a year.

The Webetop performs a self-clean after each operation, and the plates are washed automatically after every 8 gallons approximately of treated water using reversal of polarity.


  • Durable machine and can easily work for years to come
  • Effective ionization with the leading edge electrolysis system
  • Super large colorful LCD screen
  • The output water hose can rotate 360 degrees for easy manipulation
  • Comes with a comprehensive installation kit
  • Universal power rating 110-220 Volt


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • The warranty is for 12 months only which is too short

A Bit More About Water Ionizers

Using a water ionizer provides you with clean water, plus two more products: alkaline and acidic water. We’ll tell you a bit more about the things you need to look out for when choosing a water ionizer, how it works, and the most popular ways to use alkaline and acidic water.

How does the Water Ionizer Work?

Alkaline water is believed to be very beneficial to us, and there are many ways to produce it or to acquire it from natural sources, but these methods can’t be standardized or studied.

Medical research is more concerned with alkaline water ionized by electrolysis. This is the only procedure they could replicate in the same way exactly so they have an opportunity to study its effects and side effects.

Passing a small current through two metal electrodes submerged in a water tank starts a process called electrolysis. It simply separates the acidic minerals in water from the alkaline minerals.

The setting you choose controls how far this separation operation would go. Longer durations or higher currents allow you to get water with a pH ranging from 2 to 12.

The actual pH scale starts at pH1 which is the most acidic and ends at pH14 which is the most alkaline. Regular water is pH7 and that’s what we consider the neutral point.

The ionization of water causes it to have antioxidant properties as a result of the negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in addition to the increase in pH value.

This whole process takes around 30 seconds, and it could render a liter of alkaline water in that short time. That’s why a countertop water ionizer doesn’t stall in producing the alkaline or acidic water that you need.

How to Choose a Water Ionizer?

The best water ionizers have a few essential features that’ll give you the most value for the cost. Bear in mind the water profile in the area you live in and your domestic needs.

Number of Plates

The number of plates is an indicator of the amount of alkalinity and antioxidant power. Water ionizers have 3-11 plates, but we’ve seen models with as many as 17. Your regular needs would mostly be fulfilled with 9 or 11 plate ionizers.


Clean water is achieved by proper filtration. Some models are very basic with their prefiltration, they employ one stage of simple filtration, which could be sufficient if your tap water quality is already good. A more advanced two-stage filtration system is much better.

The life-span of the filter cartridges and the capacity of filtration are also key factors. Most cartridges require changing after 6-8 months, less than that is too troublesome.

The cost of replacing your filters should also be considered, and so is the ease of their installation.

Cleaning Cycle

Some water ionizers come with an automatic self-cleaning option. The plates reverse their polarity, and other processes are performed after a preset schedule of usage.

The other option is manually cleaning the filter. We’d certainly prefer the automated model.

Alkalinity and Acidity Settings

The pH range you typically need is about 8.5-9.5, however, there are other uses for ionized water, as we mentioned above.

The more advanced water ionizers could offer a pH range from 2-12, which is very broad. Choose the model that fits your needs. This feature would be translated clearly in the price tag.

ORP Level

ORP is the oxidation-reduction potential of ionized water, which is believed to be its ability to neutralize free radicals. A negative value for ORP is considered a good thing. Figures around -600 to -800 are considered very good.

Ease of Installation

Countertop units should be easy to install, often by just connecting them to the kitchen sink faucet.

If a product comes with more demanding schemes or requires professional help to set up, you might want to choose another water ionizer.

Why Alkaline Water is so Popular

Alkaline water is a domestic product nowadays, there’s a noteworthy buzz around it, and you can pick it off the shelf of any supermarket. These are some of the reasons why it’s gaining social momentum.

Acts as an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are the main line of defense against free radicals. Think of it as a standoff between the good guys who promote good health and the bad guys who cause sickness. In our day and age, there are plenty of contaminants that need to be neutralized. Detox systems are good, and purified water is even better.

Quick Hydration

The body responds better to alkaline water than regular drinking water. Being smaller in size, the ionized water molecules are absorbed more readily in the cells, giving a feeling of refreshment and cooling off.

Boosts the Immune System

Stress, toxins, and a bad diet all conspire against the immune system and weaken it. They seem to thrive in a generally acidic medium, and introducing alkaline water neutralizes that favorable condition. This allows the immune system to get a much-needed break, and it eventually regains back its vitality.

Fortifying the Bones

Enhanced ionized water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium which strengthens the bones and teeth if you intake the right amounts.

Neutralizes Excessive Acids

The human body can become quite acidic with stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and poor nutrition. Drinking alkaline water is an easy fix to neutralize that extra acidity, and it quickly brings back the digestive system to its stable state.

Washes off Pesticides

Using alkaline water with a pH over 10.5 to clean fruits and vegetables can remove the pesticide traces clinging to the skins of the produce. This makes them much safer to eat raw or cooked.

Some Uses of Acidic Water

According to several manufacturers of water ionizers, acidic water shouldn’t be discarded as it could be useful. Here are some of their recommendations:


Acidic water combats or at least slows down several kinds of bacteria. It can thus be used to clean the various surfaces of the kitchen and bathroom. It can also be used to safely clean up pots and pans.

You can use acidic water around the cooking areas, and as an extra rinse for the various dishcloths and cleaning sponges. It cleans them efficiently and greatly reduces unwanted odors.

For Washing Vegetables

Acid water is potent in countering e-Coli bacteria, that’s why washing your vegetables with it is highly recommended. Doing an extra rinse with alkaline water gives better results.

For a Healing Bath

Adding around 3 gallons of acid water to your bath could speed up the recovery from an athlete’s foot condition, reduce the effects of chapped skin and promote its regeneration, limit hair loss, help in eliminating dandruff, treat acne, and clear out skin spots.

In Gardening

Watering your plants with acidic water usually revives them. It’s interesting to note that rainwater is also acidic.

You could also put some acidic water in your vase before arranging a freshly cut bunch of flowers inside it. This way the flowers will remain in full bloom for a longer time.

To Clean Glass

Spraying acidic water on your windows, mirrors, or even eyeglasses is a quick and easy way to make them spotlessly clean and super shiny. You can use it also for polishing your cutlery.

For Showering your Pets

Unlike many commercial cleaners, acid water isn’t toxic or unsafe to your pets, and it’ll keep their hair nicely sanitized.

A Different Opinion

There’s some controversy regarding the effectiveness of drinking and using water with a pH level other than 7. The available research is still not very conclusive about these matters, but there’s increasing enthusiasm in favor of alkaline and acidic water.

There’s a study conducted at Mayo Clinic that views regular drinking water as the better choice for general wellbeing.

The world health organization issued a report that advises against drinking water with low mineral content. This is concerned more with the traditional filtration systems that rid the water of almost all its minerals without replenishing them in any successive stages.

There’s also the issue of making the body too alkaline which is scientifically referred to as alkalosis. It’s a serious condition that causes nausea, vomiting, jittery hands, muscle twitching, and disorientation. It can also affect the calcium content and weaken the skeletal system.

Other studies are more in favor of using enhanced alkaline water as an antioxidant, or for alleviating the symptoms of diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and acid reflux.


Drinking enhanced purified water is certainly good for the human system, considering that our bodies are 70% water. The pollutants in our surroundings seep into everything we eat, drink or breath. It’s wise to try and purify whatever we can.

Luckily, drinking healthful water is easier now than ever before. Choosing the right device isn’t so easy though. Most of the ionizers on the market and in this review bring something extra to the table.

Having said that, I’d recommend using the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0. It is manufactured and tested according to the highest quality requirements, so we can be sure that it’s dependable and effective.

It offers a wide range of ionization options, it has a convenient smart design, it’s easy to install, and it comes at an affordable price.

The next runner up is certainly the ultra-high tech Pure Hydration NEXT GENERATION Water Ionizer, especially if you don’t need acidic water.

It employs a different concept in the ionization process. Their approach is natural and simple, but quite effective in producing alkaline water.

Its double filtration system eliminates more contaminants than any of the other ionizers. It’s also very versatile, and its design is super elegant and practical.

We hope this article has been helpful as you decide which water ionizer to buy.


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