Best bathtub faucet water filters

Best Bathtub Water Filters (and Their Reviews)

Most people are very cautious about drinking unfiltered water, but have you also considered what unfiltered water can do to your hair and skin?

You may know that hard water can reduce the lifespan of your appliances, and that’s because of the harmful build-up of minerals. Now, if you’re drinking or bathing in that same water, think about what it can do to your skin.

If you’re suffering from sensitive skin, your water may be to blame. Too, if your hair is brittle and limp, it could be your water.

There are many ways to address hard water in your home.

You can get a full home water filtration system, but those are often expensive.

If you don’t want to get a full home water filtration system, you may want to consider getting a targeted filter. This could be for your drinking water, your appliances, or for your bathroom. You can filter the sink water, the bathtub water, or the shower water.

There are different styles for you to choose from, but ultimately these filters will hook up directly to your bathwater supply – whether directly or indirectly – and filter harmful minerals from the water before use.

You will notice a difference immediately after use, and your hair, skin, and nails will be thanking you after you give them the same filtered treatment as you do other areas of your life.

There are other positive benefits like it will reduce scaling, meaning your bathtub will be easier to clean. That’s just an added perk – as you’ll rightfully want to focus more on the benefits to your health!

Top 5 Best Bathtub Water Filters Reviewed

Let’s take a look at some of the best bathtub water filters on the market today, all of which are available through Amazon. There are similar designs, similar features, and more so no matter which you choose, you’ll make sure to get the best bathtub water filter for you.

And here are the highlights if you just want to skip to the point.

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CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter – Best Overall Bathtub Water Filter

The CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter is easy to use, eco-friendly, and will help filter out harmful minerals while still leaving the good ones. This unit can last up to a year, and when you’re ready to replace it, all you need is a new filter. It is not only one of the best bathtub water filters, but also one of the most cost-effective!

Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter – Runner Up

Another bath ball filter design that helps filter out harmful minerals and reduce noxious odors in your bathwater. The filter is replaceable and can last between 12-18 months depending on usage; however, the performance can be impacted over time, so you’ll likely need to replace it prior to the estimated lifespan.

Eleling Faucet Water Purifier – Best Multifunctional Filter

The best thing about the Eleling Faucet Water Purifier is its versatility. You can use this in the bathroom and the kitchen, and while it has less capacity than others on this list, it provides high quality, purified water that you could even drink. Just be sure to check if it can work with your bathtub tap.

AquaBliss Shower Filter – Best Shower Filter

This has nearly 18,000 reviews, most of which are raving, about how great this shower filter works. And, you can turn it into one of the best bathtub filters by filling your bathtub using the shower. Yes, it may take a little longer, but the results will speak for themselves. Easy to install and even easier to use, you will see results instantly.

Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter – Best Organic Bathtub Filter

The Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter is a bag that you can hang over your faucet. Primarily used for babies and young children, this will help filter out chlorine while infusing magnesium and zinc. It should last between 1-2 months or 100 baths, and those with sensitive skin report seeing results quickly.

As you’ll see, there are many options available at Amazon, but these are among the best bathtub water filters currently on the market.

Whether you want a globe design or a clip in design or an actual water filter, there will be a bathtub water filter that will suit your needs. Ultimately, their purpose is the same – the bathtub water filter is meant to filter out harmful minerals while (sometimes) adding positive ones back in. That’s why some may look and act similarly.

Still, you’ll need to explore what will work best for you and your bathtub.

1. Best Overall: CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

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The CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter is our pick for the best overall. It is easy to use, affordable, and works well. The filter affixes easily to your bathtub faucet to help reduce hard water and all the negative effects of it that can cause irritation on your skin, as well as impact your hair quality.

This filter is good for up to 12 months, meaning it costs about $0.11 per day, making it not just a great product but a really good value for your money as well.

It uses a KDF-55 filtration method to help purify the water without removing the beneficial minerals in the water. To use, simply slip the cord around the faucet and tighten the bead so that it fits snuggly. That way, it won’t move when you turn the water on, though you can always make sure to tuck it behind the lever on the nozzle.

When you turn on the water, it will pass through the ball faucet filter, letting softer water fill your tub. Don’t worry about it overflowing, no matter how fast you have the water turned on. There is a flow rate extender funnel that will prevent the ball from overflowing.

After you use the CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter, you will immediately notice a difference in your skin and your hair as it is intended to reduce dry, itchy, and flaky skin, brittle hair, and other eye, lung, and sinus irritations.

What’s really cool and makes this one of the best bathtub filters is that it is eco-friendly. The CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter can be recycled after you’re done using it. When you need a new filter, you can purchase a new one so you won’t have to replace the entire casing unlike other similar products on the market.

This is a great filter for your bathtub, but it will not work well with extremely hard water like well water, so just keep in mind your water source before you purchase this. Customers have reported that after the first few uses, you may notice a slight discoloration in your filtered water; however, this is just the filter activating. Simply run the water through it a few times to get rid of that, and you will be ready to reap the benefits of the CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter in no time.

It is highly reviewed on Amazon, and overall just great and affordable – one of the best water filters for bathtubs.

2. Runner Up: Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter

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The Crystal Quest Bath Ball Filter has a similar design as the CuZn filter and as such, it works very similarly, but there are some notable differences. The Crystal Quest filter will remove harmful minerals and deposits like chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, dirt, and more.

The reversible filter can be used up to a year before it needs replacing, and what you’ll get after using is a perfectly pH-balanced bathing experience.

To use, you’ll slip the ball over the faucet. No need to tighten anything, the water flow will keep it stable. The recommended flow rate is 4-5 gallons per minute to prevent overflow, though if you use too much water too fast, you may cause damage to the unit.

This filter will give you a healthier bathing experience without some of the harmful elements that creep into our water supply, and because of it, you’ll notice a difference in your skin and hair, among other things.

And an added bonus, you’ll notice less build-up on your bathtub after using it too as it provides a spring-like water quality.

You can choose from white or chrome, and its compact design will let you use it whether you’re in or out of the tub. While highly rated, some customers reported that they did notice wear and tear after continued use, including leaking and overflow, so while it’s still a great bathtub filter, it may need to be replaced sooner than others on this list.

3. Best Multifunctional Filter: Eleling Faucet Water Purifier

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The Eleling Faucet Water Purifier is a multi-use filter that you can use on various fixtures across the kitchen and the bath. The 360-degree water purifier helps remove chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and pesticides from your water while increasing its pH.

This filter has multiple stages that the water passes through to help filter the water, including a ceramic shell, alkaline energy galls, activated carbon, medical stone, descaling sphere, and PP cotton. As the water moves through these different stages, it will be filtered, helping your bathwater become safe.

The tourmaline and alkaline ball blend helps to soften hard water, removing free radicals while adding beneficial minerals like zinc, calcium, and magnesium.

You’ll have to see if this is compatible with your faucet, but it fits on most fixtures. It is typically used on a sink faucet, so you could even drink this water following the filtration!

Because of these filtration properties, you’ll see an immediate difference in the quality of your hair and skin, reducing irritation while increasing glow.

The capacity of this filter is lower than others on this list. It will only filter about 6 liters per minute. In addition, you need to replace the filter every 3-6 months.

Like other filters on this list, some customers report that the water may be discolored after the first couple of uses. This is normal and is due to the granular carbon in the filter.

When it is time to replace the filter, some customers have had a hard time getting in contact with Eleling.

This multi-functional filter is one of the cheaper ones on the list, but it’s still among the best bathtub water filters. Its versatility earns it a spot on this list, but you’ll want to make sure that it is compatible with your bathtub faucet before you buy it.

4. Best Shower Filter: AquaBliss Shower Filter

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Hands down, the number 1, best seller in shower filters on Amazon is the AquaBliss Shower Filter. There are over 18,000 reviews – most of which are glowing –  to back that claim up, so while not a bathtub filter per se, you can get creative! Just fill-up the bathtub using the shower to get the filtered water experience everyone is raving about.

This filter offers 75% water filtration and 25% rejuvenation when water passes through it. There are 15 different stages the water goes through to achieve filtration, removing chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, odor, and more.

It also helps control scale build-up, so you will be able to clean easier. And that’s not the only result. You will have smoother skin, stronger nails, and healthier hair too.

The pH level of the water will be balanced, and the filter will help infuse beneficial minerals while removing the bad ones.

You can easily swap out the filter when it needs to be changed, and the fixture itself is easy to install – some customers even reported it takes less than 2 minutes to install!

It fits on most showers and depending on the quality of your water at home, there are other filters available that can help target your specific needs.

Customers reported feeling results instantly after installing this water filter, and there are over 86% four-to-five-star reviews backing that up. Because it is one of the highest-rated filters, you can use this to fill up your bathtub for the same results!

5. Best Organic Filter: Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter

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If you’re looking for an organic alternative to protect your skin in the bath, try the Santevia Organic Cotton Faucet Filter. Another bag design, this will help reduce chlorine while adding healthy minerals like magnesium and zinc to help nourish your hair, skin, and nails.

It has a loofah-like product on the inside that works as a filter when water runs through the bag.

To use, simply slip it over the faucet and turn on the water. Let the water run over and throughout, and once the water is filled, swirl the bag for three-to-five minutes to help maximize your results. You can even keep it in the tub during the bath if you’d like.

This filter is ideal for babies, children, and anyone with sensitive skin. You can use the filter with bath soaps and oil without impacting its performance. After you’re done using it, rinse it and hang to dry.

You’ll need to replace the filter every 1-2 months or 100 baths. Others on this list last longer and filter more out. The Santevia filter is primarily used to filter out chlorine, so if you’re looking for more filtration, consider a different option. However, this is great for babies and those with skin irritation that flares with too much chlorine.

Customers have reported great results, specifically helping with skin conditions. Some are skeptical about the design, as it appears to look just like a loofah, but the positive reviews stand for themselves! It is similarly priced to others on this list, and this all-natural alternative is a great filter for those who’d rather know exactly what their filter is made of.

How to Choose the Right Bathtub Water Filter

When you’re looking to purchase a bathtub water filter, you will want to keep some of the following features in mind. Not every bathtub filter will work for your needs, so let’s explore what features some of the best bathtub water filters have and what they mean for your selection.


Do you want a multi-use filter? Or one specific for the bathtub? Are you okay with a shower filter? These are all questions you should consider because it will impact which bathtub water filter will be best for you. The function can drive your purchasing choice, so just keep in mind how you want to use it.


What are you looking to filter from your water? Is it primarily chlorine? Or would you like to get other harmful minerals removed? And, in addition to the filtration, do you want a filter that adds positive minerals to your water? Each product approaches filtering water differently, so you’ll want to identify what your main goal is and pick a filter that meets that need.

Positive Effects

Some filters add positive elements to the water in addition to removing negative ones. This will help improve the performance of your bathwater, helping you see results quickly.

Conditions Treated

Hard water can have many harmful effects on your body, and a water filter can help treat them. Are you looking to improve your dry skin? Or is the health and vibrancy of your hair more important? Do you want to stop brittle nails or eye irritation?  The conditions you can treat vary based on what the filter is filtering from – or adding to – the water.


This may be less important to some, but some of the filters come in different colors. If you’d like the filter to look seamless to your set up, you may want to consider the color of the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people only think about water filters for drinking water, and they fail to realize that using hard water can have negative effects on your person too. Now that we’ve explored some of the top bathtub filters and some of the features you should be looking for, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions so you can pick the best bathtub water filter for you.

How do bathtub water filters work?

Each works differently; however, generally speaking, water will pass through the filter. The inside includes filtration elements that will reduce harmful minerals, and as the water moves through the fixture, it will become cleaner.

Why do I need a bathtub water filter?

Bathing in hard water can cause dry skin, brittle hair, and more. Filtering the water can help remove these harmful minerals from your bathwater, and you will see results immediately.

What can bathtub water filters remove from water?

It depends on the filter, but water filters can remove chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and pesticides while increasing its pH.

What can a filter add to your water?

Some filters add healthy minerals to help rejuvenate your water as well, so that includes magnesium and zinc. This will help provide even more positive results instead of just reducing negative ones.

What are the benefits of using a bathtub water filter?

Your skin will be less dry, your hair will look healthier, you will have less irritation in your eyes, and more. These are just a few of the benefits of using a bathtub water filter. Just because you are not drinking it, doesn’t mean you don’t need to filter it!

Should babies and children be bathed in filtered water?

It depends on your preference. The same benefits that adults get will also be applied to babies. Unfiltered water can irritate skin.

Can I replace the filters?

Each unit is different. Some have filters that can be replaced, while others you’ll need to buy an entirely new unit. Review each product carefully so you know the expectations.

Are the bathtub water filters easy to install?

Again, each unit is different; however, most water filters available on this list are easy to install. They either slip easily over the faucet and filter running water or clip-on easily.


While a bathtub water filter may sound like a luxury to some, their cost is surprisingly low. For the benefits they provide to your skin, your hair, and your overall health, investing in one of these filters makes perfect sense.

The best bathtub filter we can find is the CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter, which we reviewed above as our number one overall pick. The price is by no means prohibitive, and the reviews are quite good. So if you’re looking to get a filter for your tub, this is the one we recommend.


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